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Happiest Baby On The Block Dvd


Happiest Baby On The Block Dvd


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Do you learn better by watching rather than reading? Here is a chance to see how to transport your baby from screaming into serenity...in minutes.Watch as, step-by-step, Dr. Karp teaches new parent how to switch on their baby's powerful calming reflex. (Running time - 38 minutes.)The DVD also contains 3 bonus chapters:1) Dr. Karp answers 25 questions from parents about calming babies and helping them sleep.2) A Spanish dubbed audio track of the entire 38 minute teaching video.3) Three tracks of calming white-noise sound that is an extraordinary mix of womb sounds and a newly designed pulsation that babies love (even though it sounds a little odd to the ears of an adult)

Happiest Baby On The Block Dvd

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